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Like U the card game

Like U the card game

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In a world where isolation is the norm, we created Like Cards to help people remember that sharing our story is the best way to make meaningful connections. With cancel-culture and social media bullying on the rise, it has become hard to connect with other people in a meaningful way without feeling judged, shamed, blamed, or misunderstood. From the global pandemic to political tension in America, we increasingly found ourselves feeling even more isolated and disconnected. Like Cards connect people who may look, think, vote, and believe differently, and who might have a difficult time finding common ground. LikeU is the card game that's ending awkward conversations, creating memories, and inspiring laughter! With 120 expertly curated questions split into two groups, the yellow questions explore what makes us fascinating, and the blue questions uncover what makes us human!

Great for individuals and groups, Like is a game with no rules, just suggested ways to play.

Suggested Age: 14 Years and Up

Type of Game: Party Games

Number of Players: 2 or More Players

Educational Focus: Social Studies, Social Skills

Includes: Cards

Package type: Full Game

Origin: Imported

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