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Puzzle Vision Card Game

Puzzle Vision Card Game

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Calling all visionaries! Puzzle Vision is about to be love at first ~sight~. Each of these 350 cards features a unique image that translates into a hidden word or phrase. Some are naughty, others are perfectly tame, but they're all mixed in together- so good luck figuring out which is which! Battle to decode the phrase before time runs out. Just be warned- with levels ranging from super easy to almost impossible, it might be harder than it looks. Perfect if you love a challenge!

Bring along to any hangout, party, office party, college dorm, or squad meetup. Whether you play with the puzzle-obsessed or just the puzzle-curious, PuzzleVision is a great decision.

Suggested Age: 17 Years and Up

Type of Game: Party Games

Number of Players: 2 or More Players

Educational Focus: Fine Motor Skills, Language Skills, Social Skills

Includes: Cards, Instructions

Package type: Full Game

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